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 Maintenance Release V9_35_023 announcement

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Maintenance Release V9_35_023 announcement Empty
PostSubject: Maintenance Release V9_35_023 announcement   Maintenance Release V9_35_023 announcement Icon_minitimeMon Feb 02, 2009 12:51 am

This maintenance release will be put in as soon as final testing is complete. Hopefully in next few days.

V9_35_023 -
- Fixed Divine Might so that it will give Divine Damage.

Actually it addes the divine part of the damage to the physical and other damage forms in the hit. So you will see it something like physical 10, divine 3.

- Fixed bug with old man where skin disappeared on log out.

This fix also repairs any characters that this happened to.

- Fixed some minions that were not giving XP

This is a minor issue, only one monster had the problem. It is no resolved.

- Added a female drider form for wildshape spell

Thanks to Troll cat for providing a lot of the steps to do this. We still had to make some adjustments and do some testing as well, this is BoB and there are a lot of design issues.

- Lulu has some additional support for thread issues

This is still in test, but I am hopeful that she will tell you about what level you should be if on a thread.

- Extended entrance on Orc Bandit quest so more people could get into area

More room for everyone to get into the boss area. Sometimes with slower computers, the boss was getting set, so the last person did not get credit for the fight.

- Several Thread fixes

You keep finding issues, so I keep getting them fixed. Lulu has some instruction on how best to give us information on thread releted issues. She also provides some things to try in game. The largest problem has been people getting quest items before the NPC thinks you should have them. This is due mostly to folks that know shortcuts to get things. We are trying to support all styles of play and so will fix the things that we just didn't think someone might do. Its all good. We are committed to the threads.

Have fun!

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Maintenance Release V9_35_023 announcement
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