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 NWN 1.69 and BoB - Issues and workarounds

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PostSubject: NWN 1.69 and BoB - Issues and workarounds   Mon Aug 11, 2008 5:41 am

Well I have been busy fighting problems with the new patch and BoB. I beleive I just resolved the largest problem, which was that we could no longer compile the source code of BoB. That is bad and would have prevented any new modifications to the module.

For those haks out there, I had to use the PRC compiler. With the new patch we overran the buffers of the NWN compiler, so it was either re-write BoB (no thanks), or figure out another way around the issues. I am testing the PRC now. (I got a full compile- YAY!).

I am also starting to test a fix for the horse issue. I believe it happens on rest, where you get stuck to the horse. Can someone confirm for me?

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Admin Blackthorne
Admin Blackthorne

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PostSubject: Re: NWN 1.69 and BoB - Issues and workarounds   Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:42 pm

The way ive heard of it happeneing is when the server crashes and a character is mounted, or like one of my test builds, they got stuck by logging out while mounted.
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NWN 1.69 and BoB - Issues and workarounds
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